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Oops …


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Wisconsin Voter Fraud Exposed

Although studies have shown actual voting fraud is very rare, a Wisconsin man is being prosecuted for voting twice in the 2012 presidential election in different states (Wisconsin and Indiana) and 5 times in Gov. Scott Walker’s recall election the same year. Prosecutors have charged Robert Mon[...]

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Georgia Town Sells Woman’s Home To Collect $94.85 Of Property Taxes

An Asian-American woman who paid cash for a Georgia condo had her home sold without her knowledge for $94.85 of taxes she wasn’t told she owed.  The only notice she received was an eviction letter after the sale. Earlier notices of tax delinquency and foreclosure never reached her because tow[...]

October 21st, 2014 - 2:49 pm § in America

Police Violence Isn’t Inevitable

Population of England and Wales:  56 million (2011 census) Police Shootings in England and Wales:  1 in 2012 and 3 in 2013 with 0 fatalities[...]

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South Carolina: Honoring Racists

Winthrop asked to change name of Tillman Building Two former Winthrop University students are asking the school to rename Tillman Hall because it honors a U.S. senator and South Carolina governor who was a white supremacist.[...]

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Germany Joins the 21st Century

Generations after WWII, is Germany ready to fight again? Germans want a louder voice in global affairs, but their reluctance to take part in military operations is undermining that effort.[...]

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Yes, We Need A Republican Party

Let’s face it, the GOP has plenty of followers, whether we like it or not.  These include flat earthers, birthers, tinfoil hatters, flying saucer and black helicopter believers, Ku Kluxers, abortion doctor killers, and other assorted misfits and morons.  Look, I’m not against having a [...]

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Spear vs. Chopp .. the race in the 43rd.

Neither did all that well. Jess was better prepped and obsessive about staying on message . though often the message was off topic. Frank had no message other than that he has been working n the same issue Jess backs for a long time. Jess seemed to be running for street activist . seeing this [&hell[...]

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Umbundling Tenure

From Inside Higher Education: The fact is that much of the debate, in the United States and elsewhere, about the challenges facing higher education is focused in the wrong direction. Rather than constantly squeezing the professoriate and trying to ensure maximum productivity in narrowly defined area[...]