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CHINA: The HK Struggle Continues

Hong Kong Protesters Retake Mong Kok Streets From Police    [...]

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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer It was quite the ‪#‎orca‬ show along the Seattle waterfront on Friday afternoon[...]

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The only way this Pope is going to fix the Roman Catholic Church is by 1. using his ability to speak for God.  2. Appointing better people as Cardinals and Bishops. Pope Francis needs to do more.  At 75, Pope Frank is likely to die and the current college of Cardinals will replace hiumn with anot[...]

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Another Black Youth, Coerced Confession, And Wrongful Imprisonment

David McCallum, 45, was exonerated last week after spending 28 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.  McCallum was just 16 when police coerced him and a friend (who died in prison in 2001) into signing cop-written confessions filled with falsehoods and inconsistencies.  The charges [...]

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How to Improve a Political Ad for a Republican

Seems to me that Republicans need better Photoshop skills. So I offered my service: One thing I did not realize .. this hunting sniper rifle can hit anything at a range of 2000 yards ..that is  1.1 Mile!  I am curious what sort of game you you hunt from a mile away???  bears, elephants, moose, p[...]

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THE Ave Challenge: Where is this?

A. Kenya B. South Carolina C. Beijing D. Chicago E  Senegal[...]

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Yes on 594: Lets Stop The Gun Trade Between Thugs

Who is the real target of 594?  The NRA says it is the hunting buddy who want to try out out Jim’s shotgun or the dad who wants to give his daughter a Glock to defend herself at college.  This is silly.  Jim’s friend and Mary will havbe some inconmvenoience under 594.  But the real [...]