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Do you think Larry Ellison might be able to pay a tax on his unproductive wealth?

I have written many times about the wealth tax.  A wealth tax designed to tax wealth selectively based on productivity has the extra advantage of increasing the use of capital to stimulate jobs.  Put another way … money invested in gold coins, yachts, art, real estate, government bonds or ca[...]

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A Random Thought For The Day

People go to jail for robbing banks, but bankers don’t go to jail for robbing the people.  Why?  Because power is unequal in society, the definition of “crime” flows from the top down (what you do is a crime, what we do is not a crime, because we say so).  Revolutions, on the ot[...]

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Why the angst over academic administrators?

Over at the UW LISTSERV, Sarah Nash Gates commented on a controversy about administrators The controversy was a (false) accusation that our current Provost and President had not been or were not now academics.   The truth is that both Dr. Cauci and Dr. Young are superb scholars, the knd of folk[...]

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An Offer To Pass on

 from the SPAM   Dearest one, Thanks for your attention and I pray that my decision to contact you will be given genuine approval. My name is Miss Rebecca Gross and i humbly write to solicit for your partnership and assistance in the transfer and investment of my inheritance funds $10,500,000.00 f[...]

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The Secret Weapon DAIS (aka IS) Can Not Fight

Kurdish enclave of Kobani was  “about to fall” to a massive, sustained assault from ISIS.   from JEWSNEWS Also on Monday, Rooz Bahjat, a Kurdish intelligence officer stationed in Kobani said the city would fall within  “the next 24 hours.” By now ISIS was expecting to be slaughterin[...]

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News Drones

  News drones over El Salvador Illegal in the US, newsgathering drones are taking off in Latin American media. Readmore by  Jamie Stark[...]

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Sweden Extends Secondary Education by Two Years

New government to make school compulsory to 18 While Washington’s legislature debates meeting minimal standards of K-12 education Sweden’s new  government, led by Stefan Löfven’s Social Democrats and the Green Party (Miljöpartiet)’  has announced a two-year extension to S[...]

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BERKELEY BLOG: What Government Means When it Requires Med. Students to Take Ethics Classes

The breaking of bodies and minds: Task force report confirms complicity of U.S. medical personnel in torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment Alexa Koenig, executive director, Human Rights Center, Berkeley Law | 11/4/13 | 3 comments A report released this morning — Ethics Abandoned: Me[...]