UW: Maybe the Regents Need to Pay More Attention to WHOM they Appoint

If there is a take home lesson in the Wise case, it is for the UW Regents to carefully reexamine the head hunters recruitment suggestion and selection of high power academic bureaucrats. We ended with a half a billion dollar stadium during the midst of a deep economic crisis, resulting from a decision of Mark Emmert that apparently had no other mission than securing himself a 1.7 million dollars position at the NCAA.  We got a Provost, that clearly didn’t stand examination by any measurable academic standards; that left a trail of poor decisions in splitting several outstanding multidisciplinary programs to create a new academic bureaucracy; that had little qualms in becoming member of Nike advisory board–the main supplier of sport equipment to our athletic department; and that continue to exhibit—fortunately not here any longer—little or no ethical standards to be in academia.




Pedro Verdugo MD, MRSC

Professor Emeritus

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