UW Huskies: Phyllis Wise Gets Caught For Bad Scholarship

Untitled-1Huskies husky diploma UWThe former UW Provost and now Chancellor of the University of Illinois, after over deriding a UW faculty council as “incompetent” to review the work of a UW prof, is found guilty of scientific misconduct.

October 10, 2014 by 

Phyllis M. Wise, chancellor of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has made a significant correction to a paper, published in 2006, that presents non-original work as original, the blog Retraction Watch reports.

According to a correction in the journal Neuroscience, Ms. Wise’s paper contained “a number of serious errors” and was “written in a way that misleads the readers to think that it is an original article.”  The article, “Estrogen Therapy: Does It Help or Hurt the Adult and Aging Brain? Insights Derived From Animal Models,”  is a review of a 2001 article co-written by Ms. Wise. But the previous article receives no attribution.

Ms. Wise, who researches women’s health, has attracted critics in recent months for her decision to revoke a professorship offered to Steven G. Salaita after he wrote a series of tweets critical of Israel.  The university’s Board of Trustees has backed her decision.

Ms. Wise told Retraction Watch that she had no plans to correct any other papers.

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