SUNDAY REVELATIONS: The price of life.

An Australian couple refused to support their baby born by a surrogate

The couple’s baby was one of a pair of twins, a healthy sister and this baby with Down’s and heart condition.

The couple paid She was paid $15,000to the  surrogate who bore their  twins.  The birth mother.  Pattaramon Chanbua  was told of the child’s condition four months after becoming pregnant,  The Australian couple ofer to pay Mrs Pattaramon to have an abortion but she refused, saying it was against her Buddhist beliefs,  Mrs. Pattaramon has been  left to care for him because his parents only wanted the  healthy twin sister. “The money that was offered was a lot for me. In my mind, with that money, one, we can educate my children, we can repay our debt,” she told an Australia broadcaster.

A fund raising effort has raised  $120,000  towards a target of  $150,000 to care for the baby.

A spokesman for Australia’s foreign affairs department told the AFP news agency it was “concerned” by the reports and was in consultation with Thai authorities over surrogacy issues.


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