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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: The price of life.

An Australian couple refused to support their baby born by a surrogate  Read the full  story The couple’s baby was one of a pair of twins, a healthy sister and this baby with Down’s and heart condition. The couple paid She was paid $15,000to the  surrogate who bore their  twins.  T[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: DAISH .. Turkey slowly joins the war.

Getty AREQUIPA, Peru (AP) — Turkey will let U.S. and coalition forces use its bases, including a key installation within 100 miles of the Syrian border, for operations against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq, American defense officials said Sunday.[...]

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Did you enjoy the marvelous .. maybe miraculous victory .. of the UW Huskies over the UC Bears?  31 to 7!!!!     At the same time you might think about the student athletes who played this game for you.  According to NJ Senator Corey Booker, high level collegiate athletes work for their teams 70[...]

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Sunday Revelations: Is Islam a Religion of Peace?


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Synod in Rome: Pope Francis and the antinomians* Frank talk is making this year’s synod far less boring than in years past and revealing some truths about the Catholic Church. BY Jason Berry * antinomian  – against moral law[...]

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On “Columbus” Day: I Mourn The Collapse of Arab Civilization

How different the fate of the Arawak might have been if the three ships had been sent by Andalus! Seattle has decided to rename October 12th as “Indigenous People’s Day.”  This is sad.  Why celebrate the exterminations of the Arawak Indians, a people exterminated by Columbus, by [...]

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Judge Frees Woman Sent To Prison By Sloppy Detective Work, Clueless Prosecutor, And Lying Informer

A California judge has freed a woman imprisoned 17 years for her ex-boyfriend’s 1997 murder.  Deidre O’Connor, an attorney who advocates for wrongly convicted people, says Susan Mellen, 59, was convicted “solely on the testimony of a notorious liar.”  We should find that tr[...]