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Letter to the President of the University of Washington

Dear President Young, My name is Anthony Washington.  I am a former student-athlete at the University of Washington.  I played under Lorenzo Romar from 2002-2004, before leaving after my sophomore year with 96 credits. A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a link to a story on ESPN by Adam Ritte[...]

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Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Amar’e Stoudemire’s Wife — He Might Play for Israeli Team … Might Get Bar Mitzvah – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe[...]

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Two Presidents Differ on How to use Gitmo

Obama’s Gitmo Provocation: Close IT? Romney’s Gitmo: Quarantine Ebola?  [...]

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Republicans Find Another Wealthy Jew to Demonize … only this guy is dead.

The Repubricans have a new target … wealthy Jews who support Obama! Today’s target is Peter Lewis … read more.   Unfortunately for the Meme of the Repubricans, Mr. Lewis died a year ago.[...]

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A Union Brings Its Skills to Ebola in Africa

2-Liberia health workers to stage go-slow for Ebola hazard pay Monday, 6 Oct 2014[...]

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Keeping America safe from foreign poets

Washington Post: “Poetry can be dangerous,” Rumi said, and U.S. Homeland Security isn’t taking any chances. The Jordanian-British poet Amjad Nasser had been invited to speak at New York University this fall, but on Sept. 27, he was questioned for two hours at London’s Heathrow airport and t[...]

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Solving Ebola, South Carolina Style.

The former general counsel and executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party has a novel solutions to the Ebola epidemic . from Twitter Ebola has a strong transmission vector through health care personnel. No effective way to contain while treating. People with Ebola in the US need to be[...]