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What if it was the other way around?

A young African American male has shot and killed a Seattle Police officer.  He is claiming self defense. When asked why, the suspect said “As I was walking down the street, I was suddenly stopped for no reason!  This guy(Police Officer) asked me, matter fact he told me to stop and started y[...]

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Hewlett-Packard Co. plans to break in two, separating its personal-computer and printer businesses from its corporate hardware and services operations, according to people familiar with the matter. The company plans to announce the move as early as Monday, the people said. It is expected to be effec[...]

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Rules for not getting shot by police if you’re black (courtesy of Daily Kos)

1. Do exactly what the police tell you to do but don’t do it too fast or too slow. 2. Whatever you’re carrying is a weapon. 3. If you do not have anything in your hand then you must also realize that your hand is also a lethal weapon. 4. If you are asked to […][...]

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How Can We Get Airbus to Move Here?

Tim Keating, a  Boeing vice president, warned a union leader at the Everett plant not to stir up trouble.  A few days earlier, Boeing announced  it was moving 2,000 defense jobs out of Washington state.    [...]

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FREEDOMPOP .. a hoax of the “its too good to be true” varietys

WARNING FreedomPop is a scheme to defraud you. The come on is “free.” You bus a device (phone or wireless router) and get a basal level of service for free. Ya Sure Betcha, We bought the service.   Liked it and decided to upgrade even though new only needed it for a couple of months,[...]

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North Korea: Who is in charge?

Is Kim Jong Un’s powerful little sister running North Korea now? With the dictator’s disappearance and other odd developments, an unconfirmed report puts Kim Yo Jong in charge. 12:02 pm[...]

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Academic Warfare: Admin vs Faculty

Clash Between Chicago State U. and Its Faculty Leaders Redefines Hardball By Peter Schmidt Many higher-education institutions experience internal fights over governance, but Chicago State University’s administration and its Faculty Senate are going at each other in ways that their counterparts els[...]

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Samsung Responds to Apple’s Bendgate


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Medical Panic

Ebola panic.[...]