CHINA: XiNHUA finally speaks on Hong Kong

While the North Korean News Agency is featuring a piece on Greetings to Guinean President, the Chinese equivalent, Xinahua, has finally posted an article about the demonstration in Hong Kong:

Critics of “different countries” lash out at protestors for jeopardizing HK’s future

The article claims that critics of different countries have denounced the illegal gatherings of the Occupy Central movement and criticized protestors for resorting to violence and jeopardizing Hong Kong’s future.  Who are these “critics? The most interesting may be  Martin Jacques,  the author of When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order.  Mr. Jacques certainly does not “denounce the demonstrators when he says “An underlying weakness of Chinese rule has nevertheless been revealed by these events. One of the most striking features of Hong Kong remains the relative absence of a mainland political presence. “ HK gov’t urges end to Occupy Central
FM calls for non-interference in internal affairs
HK protests challenge supreme power organ: People’s Daily

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