Political Correctness: Jihad in tolerant Islam

Political correctness is a plague. As an Andalusian Jew, I am very proud my shared heritage with Islam in Spain. But it is naïve not to see that the Islamic concept of Jihad … like the Christian concept of Crusade … is terribly dangerous. Pretending that religions are peaceful has always been false.  Ask the Indigenous Americans about their fate at the hands of the cross-wielding Spaniards and righteous Americans, or remember the victims of Europe’s wars between Papists and Protestant. s Islam is no better and tolerance of Islamic hatred is a terrible mistake.


CLICKME for disturbing video abut Islam in Malaysia

There is a very scary lesson in this video.

So far, as horrid as Islamic terrorism has been, no Muslim majority country has spoken out against this evil.

In our own country, we hear two voices. On the left there is the politically correct anger at those who equate Islam with Isis or Hamas.  On the right there is a rabid, McCarthy-like demonization of Islam.  Nowhere is there a rational voice saying that there is a real problem within the Muslim community.

Where does all this lead?  Haredi Jewish extremists mirroring their bearded believing Islamic brothers in fomenting war?  Christian armies driven by apocalyptic visions, saving Israel from an Islamic anti-Christ?

There is need for leadership … not a hate monger like Churchill or an appeaser like Chamberlain, but a leader who can demand peace. Where can such a leader be found?  Pope Francis?  Tzipi Livni?

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