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Two Down, One To Go

CBS News reports that Waldo, Florida, is disbanding its police force and dismantling its infamous speed traps.  The nearby town of Hampton did so earlier this year after the state legislature threatened to revoke its town charter.  Several former Hampton town officials are under investigation for [...]

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CHINA: American Collaborationist


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Reflecting On My Own Student Days

I went to college in the 1960s.  Much has changed since then.  Many of my classmates had what I would call a “comfortable” college experience:  They had cars, nice clothes,  attended football games.  But that wasn’t my experience.  I went through college and law school the ha[...]

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Election Year Truths


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ACLU sues Yakima for excluding Hispanics from city council

A lawsuit filed by the ACLU against the city of Yakima on behalf of Hispanic voters is working its way through a federal court. The Seattle Times reported when the lawsuit was filed in 2012 that “Yakima has more than 91,000 residents, and its population is 41 percent Hispanic. No Latino has ev[...]

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Christian Hypocrisy

When a Jew praises a Christian like Ben Carson, the Jew needs to remember who destroyed the Temple: The Roman Empire was very, very much like us. They lost their moral core, their sense of values in terms of who they were. And after all of those things converged together, they just went right down [[...]

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Political Correctness: Jihad in tolerant Islam

Political correctness is a plague. As an Andalusian Jew, I am very proud my shared heritage with Islam in Spain. But it is naïve not to see that the Islamic concept of Jihad … like the Christian concept of Crusade … is terribly dangerous. Pretending that religions are peaceful has alway[...]

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Buchenwald 56. Living Danish Heroes at Rosh Hashanah … Teshuvah

As we approach Yom Kippur 5775 (2014 CE), today marks nearly the fiftieth essay in my Buchenwald series.  This essay is posted during one of the ten  days between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, days each Jew is  supposed to spend thinking about how to be a better person …a process called &[...]