Rolling Stone: The Koch Brothers Are Awful People. The Koch Bros.: No, We’re Not! Are So! Am Not!

Okay, I’m trying to be evenhanded here.

On Sept. 24, Rolling Stone magazine ran a cover story that emphasized the unsavory aspects of the Koch brothers’ business empire.  You can read it here:

The next day, Sept. 25, Koch Industries responded, in part by attacking the messenger, journalist Tim Dickinson.  You can read the Koch Industries response here:

And then, on Sept. 29, Rolling Stone and Dickinson replied here:

I love watching Moving-animated-picture-of-kittens-playing-ping-pongping pong.  (Click on picture to activate players)

P.S., if you’re curious why Charles and David Koch are so rabidly rightwing, the backstory is something like this:  Their father, Fred Koch, made his fortune by building oil refineries for Stalin, and after doing business with Stalin for a while, decided he didn’t like him all that much.


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