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Employers Keep Making Life More Difficult For Workers

The retail and food service industries are being revolutionized by new software that allows managers to track real-time sales and fill their labor needs with “just-in-time” scheduling. This practice effectively puts all employees on call. This isn’t to be confused with dispatch sof[...]

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THE Ave Challenge


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The End of Science?


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Nobel Season is Upon Us


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It is Time to Recognize Cuba

How can anyone imagine that Cuba is some sort of threat to the US? Cuba among the top tourist destinations On September 23, Cuba was recognized as a top international tourist destination at an event in Brazil to decide the best tourist executives, companies and destinations in 2014, according to the[...]

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The Ave Challenge: What is it?

A. Just rocks B. Burial place of Jesus C. Collection of Neanderthal poop D. Campfire site of first Salish E. Remains of OSO collapse  [...]