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APPLESAUCE: First Commercial


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It’s now a crime to be a spastic in Granville, West Virginia

This is another horror story about stupid violent cops.  (They seem endless these days.) A 39-year-old disabled man was making his way on a sidewalk in Granville, W.Va., with his two young children, one in a stroller and carrying the other in his arm, in the jerky fashion characteristic of people [...]

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“My disgust for Jews does not stem from any bad experiences with them personally rather I am concerned about my people, White people, and the negative effects Jewish power and control over their world has had on them.”

Campaign placard from Kentucky, where write-in candidate Robert Ransdell is running for Senate.  Call Mr. Ransdell at 1-800-488-1363 and leave a message What is “White?” Quotes: (on whether Je3ws are white) “It is absurd and a fantasy that Jews in America do not make a distinction[...]

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Fast Food Jobs … Video from Huff Post


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India Sends MOM Orbiter to Mars


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Rightwing school board provokes Denver-area student strikes

More than 1,200 students walked out of six Denver-area suburban high schools yesterday to protest a newly-elected school board’s attempts to force-feed them conservative ideology.  Teachers at the schools are also upset with the board’s efforts to censor education, and staged sick-outs [...]

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Berkeley Blog: A review of Picketty

Inequality In the Twenty-First Century john powell, director, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society | 5/2/14 | As part of his nationwide book tour, French economist Thomas Piketty stopped in San Francisco to speak to overflowing lecture halls. ….. Piketty’s new book, Capital in the[...]