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When cops shake down citizens

Forfeiture laws are meant to deprive criminals of the instruments and proceeds of crime.  This may look great on paper, but without adequate safeguards, these laws create conflicts of interest that encourage misuse of the law and can lead to corruption and oppression. The latest example of this com[...]

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Pericles Wine cup is found!

Greek archaeologists believe that they have unearthed ancient Greek general and political leader Pericles’ wine cup in a northern Athens suburb, according to media reports on Wednesday.  [...]

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Why Did Mallory Climb Everest?

“Because it’s there.” — George Leigh Mallory, 1923 First of all, by “climb Everest” if you mean get to the top, no one knows if he did.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.  (My guess is he didn’t.)  But that’s beside the point. If you think people[...]

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Labor Day Photograph by Lewis Hine