People of Color: What is the antonym for POC?

Nigger in WH


A ruckus has arisen because of an  op-ed  in the monthly West View News of the West Village in New York.  The author, James  Collier, used the N word to make the all to real point that  “far right voters hate Obama …America’s increasing tolerance of far-right opinion has made racism more acceptable.”

The op-ed used the N-word in its headline about President Barack Obama.

Of course this elicited a politically correct action.  The New York Post printed the headline with the n-word blurred out (NOTE .. I have restored it here in faint red lettering to make my own point. The N word, nigger, has achieved the celebrity status shared by fuck. Personally I object to this, seriously, because I see the “f” word as an effective part of normal American speech.  Deleting it leaves us with no equally effective term … just Jesus has become a exclamation at times of great surprise.

If nigger is wrong, the  I assume so is honkey, kike, redskin (sic), wop and yankee .. or at least yankee dog.  In the same boat, I would hope, would be rag head, whitey, kraut, limey, and all the other ethnic slurs.

This leads me back to the topic of terms of ethnic praise and approval … like Christian, Judeo-Christian, and people of color.   My issue for all of these is not the praise they bring but the implied opprobrium for every one else .. pagans, goyem, and white folks.


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