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HAARETZ: Israel v. Gaza ,,, war as a part of everyday life

Haaretz, Leading Israeli Newspaper seems unreal.  In the Middle of a war, the war seems almost normal. Business in south hurting as workers, shoppers stay home LIVE UPDATES: Third rocket intercepted over Tel Aviv area today The Israeli air force expanded its offensive against Hamas militants in Gaz[...]

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Hygge: Grilling the Sausage

from The Guardian For the love of sausages (excerpts) by Nichola Fletcher Buy it from the Guardian bookshop British people adore their bready bangers. Germans, on the other hand, are proud of their high meat content and their sausage laws dating back hundreds of years. I recently met an Italian blac[...]

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People of Color: What is the antonym for POC?

CENSORING IGGE A ruckus has arisen because of an  op-ed  in the monthly West View News of the West Village in New York.  The author, James  Collier, used the N word to make the all to real point that  “far right voters hate Obama …America’s increasing tolerance of far-right o[...]