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Turkey” Who us? No anti-semites here!

Ankara – Turkey has strongly rejected media reports that it had launched a probe into some of the country’s Jewish citizens on the grounds that they had collaborated with Israel in the deadly 2012 raid on the Mavi Marmara flotilla which killed nine Turkish citizens. “There has never been a[...]

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As Corporations Reroot, Our Congress Is In a Death Lock

 Congress Obsesses on Trivia While Inversions (Moving The Money to Where It Is Not Taxed) Continue To Wall Street dealmakers, and now to most boards of directors, an inversion is a cross-border merger that allows the buyer to reincorporate in a more tax-friendly jurisdiction. Traditional economic [...]

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July 4: THE GOP Needs YOU! Stephen, Speaker Boehner and House Republicans are suing President Obama for his unconstitutional overreach and abuse of power. This Imperial President’s unprecedented disregard for the Constitution and desire for more power has reached a new low. Obama has ignored and selectively enforced[...]

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Buying Briquettes for Your BBQ

Carbon is Carbon Unless it is Diamond, Coal, Nanotubes, or Graphene! If you want to barbecue read this advice from the Barbecue or Boogaloo blog. Anyone who reads my barbecue grill reviews will know that I have a strong passion for charcoal grills. One Of my favorites being the Weber one touch gold [...]