APPLE’S SURPRISE, The I-Watch is an EAR Ring!

I earringThe internet is all agog with rumors about Apple’s latest .. the I-Earring!

Rather than a  smartwatch, Apple’s new wonder is meant for your ear! The petite device, featuring a synthetic diamond in the shape of the Apple logo,  will include over ten sensors, where some sensors will be dedicated to track users’ health and fitness, others will interact with I Earring’s on your friends and colleagues, whispering message into your ear through a tiny nanotube speaker!  Tim Cox calls it .. “nearest thing to telepathy!”

Apple has denied rumors that the I Earring was developed with North Korea as a way to provide 24/7 surveillance of its citizens.  In fact,  according to one source Apple, was planning to introduce a watch but reacted to overarching criticism that existing smart watches were big and clunky while failing to provide functions significantly different from that of a smartphone.

Billboard outside Apple’s new plant in North Korea.

This led to the effort at Apple’s facility in Pyongyang to Billboard Outside Apple's New Factory in North Korea

create a watch like device, codenamed Goldfinger,  that could fit on a finger and also act as a stylus for the iPad.  Plans for the Goldfinger  were ended because of issues with Apple’s new plant in North Korea.

Ming-chi Kuo, the well-connected analyst at KGI Securities said that he expected Apple to launch multiple designs, appropriate for men as well as women.  A sports model will be released that is “good enough for the NFL and features team logos instead of the Apple.   (Based in part on an article at TopNews.In)


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