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Security tight on eve of Tiananmen anniversary BEIJING (AP) – Beijing put additional police on the street and detained government critics Tuesday as part of a security crackdown on the eve of the 25th anniversary of the crushing of pro-democracy protests centered on the capital’s Tiananm[...]

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On Prisoner Swaps

Some people are already questioning whether our government should have traded 5 Taliban guys for an American POW.  The more indelicate versions of this question put it this way:  Should President Obama have traded 5 terrorists for a deserter? That’s not an easy question to answer.  (I’[...]

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Buchenwald 50: Anniversary of my Dad’s death and the birthday of Nicholas Winton

SIX YEARS AGO, MY Father died.. His heritage remains locked away because of my brother Hugh’s anger.  This story of another good soldier from WWII, made me think of my Dad. In 1907 Sir Winton was born Nickolas Wertheim in Hampstead, London, the son of Jewish parents. Like so many of us, the W[...]

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Egypt: Blaming the Jew

Egypt – Court Calls Morsi Supporters ‘Jewish Demons’ Today 09:05 AM Egypt – After Egyptian courts sentenced dozens of supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi to death and sentenced hundreds to life , the court defended its verdict by calling the men “demons” [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Russia Blocks Some GPS Functions

Moscow blocks military functions of U.S. GPS stations on Russian soil 06-01 22:28 Russia has started to block the military functions of U.S. Global Positioning System (GPS) base stations on its territory, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Sunday.[...]

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Glenn Greenwald … as thin as chiffon in a strip club.

I am no fan of Glenn Greenwald.  Whatever one thinks of Snowden, Greenwald’s role in all this seems to be totally about self-promotion. If Greenwald were truly an investigative reporter, as he claims, one would think that such a trove of information would lead to thoughtful further investigat[...]

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People of Color: Dark Girls


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Slur of the Day

  Wog (UK and Commonwealth) a generic term for any swarthy or dark-skinned foreigner. Possibly derived from “golliwogg“[201] In Britain, it usually refers to dark skinned people from Asia or Africa, though any truly xenophobic Englishman knows that “the Wogs begin at Calais[...]