UKRAINE: Is this how WW III, the nuclear WW, begins?

Ukraine Attacks Pro Russian Forces: ‘Many’ insurgents killed in Slovyansk

The AP is reporting that Ukraine has sent its military into SLOVYANSK, wounding or killing the Russian surrogate  forces that have  seized government buildings across the east. The Kremlin said Kiev’s offensive against the insurgents “destroyed” the two-week-old Geneva agreement on cooling Ukraine’s crisis.

@@1The many scary memories evoked by these events ought to be heightened by the fact that Ukraine, like Libya but unlike Israel, Iran and North Korea, decided to disarm its nuclear arsenal. Imagine how different this unfolding story would be if even a few nukes remained in Ukraine?


What lessons are being taken by Iran, by North Korea or amongst other countries with the need to stand up to an overwhelmingly more powerful foreign force?   Imagine how nuclear South Korea, Taiwan, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Syria, would change the balance of power?


Meanwhile, events in Ukraine begin to look like the mess in Syria.

Putin’s proxy war is all to similar to the proxy war in Syria where Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting a war with, at least so far, no nuclear stakes.  The image of Ukraine going into a similar chaos where Putin uses his implicit threat of nukes as a deterrent to American involvement is all too real,

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