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Magic Johnson Suggests Donald Sterling Should Sell Clippers After Alleged Racist Remarks Isn’t the opportunity obvious?  Someone MUST be talking with Chris Hansen ​”I was at the game in NYC with my wife, kids and close friends and needless to say it was a lifetime experience for me [...]

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Is This Flight MH370?

An amateur pilot in the U.S. helping in the search for Flight MH370 by poring over satellite images has spotted what he thinks may be a Boeing 777 resting in shallow water in the Gulf of Thailand, near where MH370 turned off course.  This site also may be within visual range of an oil platform [&he[...]

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South Carolina: Why would anyone choose to live there?

 GOP Has No Time to  Honor Statue of  The Man Who Ordered Their Predesccors to Desegregate Who wrote: “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal?”  The descendent of Southern aristocrats and the son of a Confederate veteran, In 1951, 3 years before Brown v. Board of Education, J[...]

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Does the University of Hawaii Practice Free Speech”

Is Regulated Free Speech Free? At the UW, faculty have complained that the AAUP has restricted the use of its listserv to speak out on the issue of boycotting Israel as an occupying country.  While I oppose the boycott, I am even more disturbed by the lack of a free discussion. Two examples from t[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian Law … cut their heads off!

 Egypt judge sentences to death 683 in mass trial, including Muslim Brotherhood leader[...]