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AVE CHALLENGE: What is it?

a. 2000 year old bell from Jewish Priest b. perfume ball from jewelry sale in Saudi Arabia c. Mayan hurricane protection d. ear ring worn by Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra e. gold covered pearl from the Czars  [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Coup attempt in Venezuela

Three Venezuelan Air Force Generals Arrested in Coup Plot 25th March 2014.— Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that three generals of the Venezuelan Air Force have been arrested, after they were denounced by lower-ranking officials for their involvement in alleged coup plans.[...]

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The Value of a JD

Lawyer With Six Figures Of Debt Forced To Work As Professional Babysitter Meet a nanny with a law degree — and the debt to show for it. Read more »[...]

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Booze in Afghanistan

Dawn Lloyd is a guest columnist at the University of Oregon’s Ethos Magazine.  She spent a  most of a year in Kabul, Afghanistan. previous entries  entries can be found here: #1, #2, #3, #4 Although I don’t drink myself, I’m often asked about alcohol use in Afghanistan. One might think [...]

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Is Clive Bundy Working for Putin?

Two Rebels   Ponomaryov, “people’s mayor” of Slaviansk,  is cagey about his Cold War military service and his business affairs, even his age, but shows greater authority over the gun-heavy separatists who have taken effective control of the entire city. Long feared by officialdom[...]

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Cowboy Hero Needs Slaves