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South Carolina: A State Run By Old Fossils

South Carolina lacks an official state fossil, but has a surfeit of ex-officio fossils in its legislature. An 8-year-old girl wrote to her legislator suggesting the state adopt an official state fossil.  He introduced a bill in the legislature.  So far, so good. This shouldn’t be controversi[...]

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Politically Correct: Of Brandeis and Brunei

After Brandeis Reneged on an Honorary Degree to Ayan Hirsii Ali Because She  Compares Islam to Other Forms of Intolerance, Brunei Shows the True Colors of Islam Today the sultan of tiny Brunei enacted Sharia as the national law of this tiny country. Sharia will be extended to Brunei’s 40,000 Chri[...]

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Liberals Can Be Hypocrites Too

As we legalize pot, we promote it as if it were a miracle medicine.[...]

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BUCHENWALD 41: Passover in the South

On this last day of Passover 2104, there is great irony in remembering how easily Jews forget we are not just like other people able to ignore our history.   Sue Eisenfeld has written an essay on celebration of Passover during the Confederacy.  I hope her words will help  my brother and sister u[...]