UPDATE: The Seattle Times reports that Boeing engineers do not appreciate the compnay telling them to eat buffalo wings, even with dipping suce, are a good idea.

UPDATE from April 10.

In December Boeing announced that it was breaking up its  advanced central research-and-development unit in Seattle.  Transferring jobs around the country.  The spin was that Seattle should be happy to be the place making the wings while Boeing spreads its R&D around the US.

Seattle was supposed to b proud that it would get to be the place the makes the wings.

The Seattle Times reports that managers at Boeing are being told that “repositioning” engineers from Seattle to the (management) chosen sites around the US is a disaster.

“Employees feel betrayed, upset,”

“Almost on a daily basis, we continue to see morale erode away,”

“More and more negativity — people out looking for jobs,”

“Negativity is spreading throughout the team — numerous people — not just a few.”

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