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Choosing the UW over Princeton?

The GPA to get into the UW is now around 3.7.  When I went to Harvard, Princeton was a notorious haven for the white elite.  That has not been true for some time.  Their great efforts to become a part of the diversity of America are reflected in the careers of Michelle Obama and [...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY? Why is American Healthcare so expensive?

In response to the latest report that Americans pay more for health care than any  other country ,  Presidential spokesman Tagg Romney said that the American public needs to elect a Republican Senate this year so the Administration can complete the overthrow of Obamacare.  Once that is done, Mr,[...]

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Is Faculty Research Part of Their Teaching?

from Inside Higher Ed   Grant Quota to Be Paid Colleen Flaherty You study homelessness, or female sexuality, and are considered a leader in your field. You aren’t tenure-track but you’ve been a star teacher at your institution — one of the nation’s wealthiest — for m[...]

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UPDATE: The Seattle Times reports that Boeing engineers do not appreciate the compnay telling them to eat buffalo wings, even with dipping suce, are a good idea.

UPDATE from April 10. In December Boeing announced that it was breaking up its  advanced central research-and-development unit in Seattle.  Transferring jobs around the country.  The spin was that Seattle should be happy to be the place making the wings while Boeing spreads its R&D around th[...]