Rodney Tom, the Benedict Arnold of WASTATE politics, has decided not to run for re election.

FU Rodney Tom Party Politics in WASTATE: Rodney Tom has used party ID as a facile label.  Coming from the uber rich 48th, district with Medina/Hunts point suburbs of Bellevue, Rob ran and got elected as a Republican to the House in 2002,  Then, seeing an opportunity to be a Senator,  switched to the Democratic Party in 2006 to run against Republican Luke Esser.  After being re elected (as a Democrat), while part of a Democratic majority, Senator Tom saw another opportunity,  He became majority leader by joining the Senate’s 23 Republicans in 2013 to form a coalition.  Tom recited a mantra of jobs, education and budget as what his uber wealthy constituents want. He used this mantra  to justify using his job as leader to block liberal legislation, e.g. on abortion and school budgets.

Democrats have recruited Kirkland Mayor Joan McBride  to run for the Senate in the 48th. The  Republican challenge will be to find a candidate who can run without the albatross of the Tea Party.


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