PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Surprised, unaware that he now owns Manischewitz

romney on FTN(Face the Nation, 14 April, 2014) On this Sunday’s Face the Nation,  President Romney told David Gregory that he has been completely surprised that the matzos for this year’s White House seder came from a company that the President now owns!

 “You know that all of my investments are in a blind trust! That includes Bain! But, isn’t it wonderful to live in a country where a Mormon kid from Michigan can be part of owner of the best Matzos maker in the world?”

The President was reacting to news that the  126-year-old Manischewitz Company has been sold for an undisclosed price to  an arm of the private equity Bain Capital.  What cause a fuss in  the New York Times ( ) was the plan for Bain to reposition Manischewitz ‘ reputation as kosher so the company can sell to the new niche of people looking for pure, healthy foods.  The Times reported that the new Manischewitz will promote “kosher” as more of an indicator of food quality-instead of just a religious qualifier.

The President said that “I am grateful for the votes of many Orthodox Jews who  share my beliefs in the right to life, freedom of religion, and the role of the holy land for Jews and Christians.  Now we have another reason to break bread together!”

Mr. Romney said he that had been given to understand that the New Manischewitz would continue to sell some kosher food but that he sees this as healthy.  “Heck, he understands there is  an even bigger market for the food Muslims eat, they call it Hillel like the Jewish centers on college campuses!  Imagine what happend if I invite some Jews and Muslims and we can serve them both food from my Manischewitz!”

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