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Why Should You Care If Other People Are Bigots?

Because they might shoot you, that’s why. Yesterday, a bigot murdered two Methodists and a Catholic because he thought they were Jews.  In August 2012 a bigot shot ten Sikhs, killing six and wounding four, because he thought they were Muslims.  On Christmas Eve of 1985, a bigot murdered the [...]

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Rodney Tom, the Benedict Arnold of WASTATE politics, has decided not to run for re election.

 Party Politics in WASTATE: Rodney Tom has used party ID as a facile label.  Coming from the uber rich 48th, district with Medina/Hunts point suburbs of Bellevue, Rob ran and got elected as a Republican to the House in 2002,  Then, seeing an opportunity to be a Senator,  switched to the Democra[...]

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This $100+ Million Penthouse Will Be NYC’s Priciest Apartment Ever This triplex is New York’s  latest contender. for affordable housing for the uber wealthy.  At $100,000,000, the penthouse at the peak of this new tower, the 12,000 foot home will fit in well with other  astronomic ve[...]

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Where Tax Money Goes?

How much goes to science?[...]

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Tax Day: Freedom to Cheat, Send $$ to THE Ave!

Chances of getting audited by IRS lowest in years This year, the IRS will have fewer agents auditing returns than at any time since at least the 1980s.  That plus the GOP’s war on IRS surveillance of political abuse of tax deductible organizations, seems to suggest this is a great time to mak[...]

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Can China, Inc. Replace Hamilton’s America?

“Outside China, pessimism has been growing about the ability of the colossus to sustain its rapid growth. Worriers are paying particular attention to excessive capacity, investment and debt.” Francis Fukyama, Reagan’s house intellectual, wrote a compelling book claiming that social[...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Surprised, unaware that he now owns Manischewitz

(Face the Nation, 14 April, 2014) On this Sunday’s Face the Nation,  President Romney told David Gregory that he has been completely surprised that the matzos for this year’s White House seder came from a company that the President now owns!  “You know that all of my investments [...]