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Universities share, not restrict, knowledge

Professor Devin Naar Talks on His Role Collecting Family Histories This evening we heard Prof. Devin Naar talk about the Seattle Sephardic legacy.  Dr. Naar is collecting “Seattle Sephardic Treasures” lent or donated to the University of Washington for digitization, preservation and study.  Th[...]

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Why the UW Needs to Speak Out For Mass Transit

 On the AAUP listserv,  Robert Wood  wrote about the need for public transit for the UW community: Rob’s comment:  Dear Prof Schwartz, As someone who takes the bus pretty much everyday, I can see that students, staff and and faculty alike strongly rely on Metro. Yes, you are correct that [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Russia Sees Itself As Allied With Independent Scotland

              Independent Scotland may lose UK as energy buyer                            After carrying through its threat to use its energy weapon to support the choice of Crimea to become part of the Mother labs, the Russian state media suggest that Britain[...]

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UConn Moves Academic Programs from Provost to Athletic Director!

Star UConn Husky player Shabazz Napier may have given Husky fans here at the UW something to discuss besides a basketball victory.   Following the Huskies’ NCAA win of BOTH the male and the females championships, these Huskies (from UConn) are airing the dirty underside of the life of the stu[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: More pings off of Australia

Two  new “ping” signals have been  detected, confirming two earlier signals locating   Malaysia Airlines Flight  MH370 may be within the 1,300 square kilometer search area>  it is, however, not certain these all cme from the same source. “I’d say they are separate [...]

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BUCHENWALD 32: 70th anniversary of what Robert must have seen in Buchenwald

 My brother and sister should look at this picture and be ashamed.  Today is the seventieth anniversary of our father’s entering Buchenwald to give care to inmates who had not yet escaped.  Robert’s photography and writings remain locked in a lawyer’s safe in Boston, decaying be[...]

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Jeff Bezos Gives Some Money

Geekwire Reports:  Bezos gives big to Fred Hutch Jeff Bezos has an amazing Dad .. watch this video to be convinced that good traits can be passed from parent to child even without DNA!  His Dad’s mantra appears to be to do good with whatever you have! Now Bezos Jr. may be emerging as a [&hel[...]