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A Response to the Oso Landslide

Personal Responsibility for Disasters Over at HorseAss, Carl Ballard writes, “One of the questions with the Oso disaster that people are asking now is why did we let it happen? We knew that the hill was in danger, and yet people were allowed to live below it. ” Bullshit. I see no reason [...]

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To Hugh … In defence of the UW logo

My Brother Hugh Seems to REALLY Care About the Husky Logo So much love for the UW from a guy who went to a school that has no football team and  a big eyed owl as its logo!  This seemed extraordinary! Now my brother can get obsessive and Hugh’s concern was so great that he […][...]

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How Federal Income Tax Works

This post expands on a comment I made to another post. The federal income tax is confusing to many people.  Like everything else, it’s easier to grasp if you know the basic principles.  The general idea is to tax income, but only once.  First, you have to define “income,” then s[...]

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ISRAEL: Passing off the Zionist Heritage

Is It Jewish If It is Intermarried? Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks glowingly about  his 23 year-old son Yair’s relationship with a 25 yea-old Norwegian girl. The relationship between Yair and Sandra Leikanger went viral.  Pictures of the couple in Norway over the summer on Lei[...]

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CHINA: Are Chinese Marines Training to invade North Korea”

CHINA’s PLAN Jeffrey Lin and Dr. P.W. Singer write in Popular Science: The PLAN Marine Corps (PLANMC) are China’s most well trained and dedicated amphibious assault force.  In February and March 2014, the PLANMC and their ZTD-05 amphibious assault vehicles undertook urban combat training i[...]

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The New Microsoft GETS IT!!!

Windows Phone’s goal: Be the go-to OS for the budget-consciousBy eliminating licensing fees for the OS on devices with a screen smaller than 9 inches, Microsoft is placing a bet on rapid expansion over revenue. It appears that Nadella is a very smart fella .. taking lessons from Samsung and fr[...]

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Seattle’s Next Big Thing

What Comes After Legal Pot and The $15 Minimum wage?  pre-K, parks district?  High speed internet? Bike Racks? Public-Campaign Financing Watching the disaster that is ungovernable Olympia  and Washington DC,  to get things done attitude in Seattle is amazing! Led by  Mike O’Brien , the S[...]

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Boycotted Israeli embraced by fellows A HEBREW University political scientist has expressed outrage at the effort to block his Australian fellowship by Sydney academic Jake Lynch. Associate Professor Jake Lynch’s refused  to accept a proposed fellowship between Hebrew University and the Unive[...]