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Sunday Revelations: A Super Purim


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A Possible Motive

“If you can do this three times, no one’s going to get on an airplane.” — Tom Casey, retired 777 pilot, quoted by NBC News Bingo! We may have a winner! This is speculative, of course, but it makes perfect sense when nothing else does. If you want to impose a new world order, [...]

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Russia negotiating with Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Algeria, Cyprus, the Seychelles, Vietnam and Singapore about access to facilities that can be used by its navy and strategic bombers.

( – At a time of escalated tensions with the West over Ukraine, Russia says it is negotiating with eight governments around the world for access to military facilities, to enable it to extend its long-range naval and strategic bomber capabilities. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said We[...]

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Bezos says living in Seattle is better than free lunch

 Last December, the Huff Post reported that Mr. Bezos told Business Insider’s founder and CEO Henry Blodget, “We could save a lot of money by moving to the suburbs of Seattle. We have chosen instead to build an urban campus, and it is … a spectacular benefit for the employees. I think it&[...]

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The Ave Challenge: Guess the price

A $2013  B. $15,100 C. $300  D. $1000 E, $777[...]

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Despite paying nearly $70,000  rent a year to rent an apartment in  Dubai’s Burj Khalifa tower, residents are being denied access to the gym and tennis courts – and they fear lifts in the world’s tallest building could be next[...]

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Hitchcock’s Trapped