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‘Debt Is Out To Get Us’

It sure is. In the last couple of decades, the financial industry has prospered mightily thanks to the proliferation of debt and the rivers of interest paid by debtors. NBC News ran a story today about consumer debt that should be required reading for most American adults. Sample excerpt: “Tho[...]

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Truth is, nobody knows where that plane is.  At least, none of the people looking for it do.  If they did, wouldn’t they announce it, and end this expensive search? Over the last week, the public has been fed enough malarkey to fill a grain silo.  The Chinese and Malayasians have proven the[...]

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Imagine a Joint Semitic Defence!

Tel Aviv – Israel Open To Joint Missile Defense With Jordan, Egypt Today  01:31 PM Tel Aviv – A U.S. general proposed on Monday that Israel upgrade its anti-missile systems to include neighboring Jordan and possibly Egypt, and an… Read More »[...]

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SUSPECTS: Iran’s Mossad One very difficult part of the mystery of flight MH370 has been who might have stolen a plane and not bragged about it?  While most terrorists brag about their actions there is one class of exceptions … the secret services of nations that are in conflict with one[...]

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PURIM: March 15 and 16

CLICKME for story at Huff Post  [...]