South Carolina: Emergency


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Dear Stephen,

Most folks will stay up all night for family emergencies.
But I’ve been touched by how many patriots there are all over South Carolina who are willing to work around the clock and volunteer on my campaign, to ensure Lindsey Graham is kicked out of office in 2014.
Stephen, it’s patriots like you that are my secret weapon.

Below is an email I received from my campaign manager at 3 a.m. last night outlining our plan to reach the 25% threshold in the polls.  That’s the magic number.  That’s the point when you and I ensure Senator Lindsey Graham is toast.
And my campaign is so close.

Please read Michael’s memo.  Then, if you possibly can, please make your most generous contribution right away to my campaign’s 25 for 25% Money Bomb!

In Liberty,

                     Lee Bright (R-SC)                      Republican for U.S. Senate

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