I call on Pakistan .. Try YOUR Citizen under Shariya!

CaptureNow do you believe in capital punishment?

“Omar Sheikh, a British-Pakistani,  serving life imprisonment in Hyderabad prison, tried to hang himself with the exhaust of the prison cell late Friday,” AFP.  According to the Pearl project at Georgetown, however, Sheikh was not the murderer of Daniel Pearl.

I try hard to oppose the death penalty on the basis of my religious views.  This story makes that much harder for me.  Pearl’s body was found after four months, cut into a dozen pieces, the head severed, the upper torso still clad in a light blue track suit that his kidnappers made him wear.  His father, Judeah Pearl, is one of the most admired scientists in the world  .. winner of last year’s Turing Prize.  Judeah is a wonderful human being and has devoted Daniel’s memory to promoting peace in Israel through celebrating his son’s love for people and for music.

So, Sheikh was convicted in Pakistan in murdering a Jew!  Justice would assume that Pakistan, where Shariya IS the law, would execute Shiekh.  But, maybe Sheikh is not the guilty man?  That man may be Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.  A  report released by the Pearl project at Georgetown university following an investigation into Pearl’s death made chilling revelations when it claimed that the wrong men were convicted for Pearl’s murder.

The investigation, led by Pearl’s friend and former Wall Street Journal colleague Asra Nomani and a Georgetown University professor, claimed the reporter was murdered by Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the alleged brains behind the September 11 2001 attacks, not Omar Sheikh.

I call on Pakistan .. Try YOUR Citizen under Shariya!

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