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BUCHENWALD 23: Anniversary of another death

Paul-Émile Janson served as the 30th Prime Minister of Belgium in 1937–1938. In the early part of the Second World War, Janson served as Foreign minister, and as minister with portfolio, in the government of Hubert Pierlot. He remained in France when the government in exile moved to London. In 19[...]

February 19th, 2014 - 3:52 pm § in The Ave Scene

Jerusalem Post Rates Best Pizza in WASTATE

Washington: Specialty Pizza at Rocco’s in Seattle Last year, a pizzeria opened in the Belltown section of Seattle serving up fresh, homemade pies just like Nonna used to make (if Nonna’s name was Rocco). As a rule, they make as much as possible in-house, including the ricotta, for their[...]

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11 Reasons You Should Quit Facebook In 2014

Unless walking around nekkid is your thing.[...]

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Schumer endorses BIG BROTHER!

What does Senator Schumer NOT understand?  The merger of Comcast with Time Warner amounts to a takeover of America, a corporate coup. After coming out in support of Comcast’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable, Sen. Chuck Schumer ,,, a member of the Senate Anti Trust Committee, will REC[...]

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DR. PHAGE Spews on Cats and Academia

Introducing Dr. Phage. Dr. Phage is a notorious scoundrel, among the founders of alternative radio in Seattle and still involved with subversive organizations that support creative free speech.  He is also an emeritus professor at UW who was among the founders of the Department of Genetics. Dr. Pha[...]