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Prejudice: Fatism


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Was Shirley Temple A Communist?

Spoiler Alert: No! Absolutely not! Emphatically … no! Shirley Temple died yesterday. As we pause to remember her unique contributions to American culture, let us not forget that rightwing charlatans hell-bent on rooting communists out of Hollywood dragged her before a congressional star chambe[...]

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FOX News investigates toilet issues in Sochi


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Darwin’s Birthday

Today is Darwin Day, the 204th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. The International Darwin Day Foundation notes a wider purpose to the day, as well: “More generally, Darwin Day expresses gratitude for the enormous benefits that scientific knowledge, acquired through human curiosity an[...]

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God Spews: My Will Be Done: The penalty for blasphemy

God is vengeful.  The people of the former Confederacy have blasphemed against the messages given to scientists.  Now the people must suffer.  HISTORIC ICE STORM UNFOLDS... GEORGIA WARNED: 'CATASTROPHIC'... SEEN FROM SPACE... NWS: Travel 'Impossible'... Thousands of flights cancelled... AMTRAK su[...]

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Darwin’s 205th Birthday

Charles Darwin’s Voyage of the Beagle  solidified much of his view of geology and biology….The Voyage is not a complete story, it is a journal of observations on the biology, people, and, especially, the geology of the Beagle’s five-year  cruise to map the coastlines of the southern part[...]

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Can You Help Me Find Professor Kvamme in Olso?

I hope someone with contacts in Oslo can help me. I am trying to contact a Professor Elling Kvamme in Oslo for help with the WWII matter already discussed a lot here. ,  I would like to find out if Professor Kvamme is still alive.  His daughter is the filmmaker Elsa Kvamme  This picture of him [[...]