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Happy Birthday Ziva!


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Federal Judge Rules Warning Other Drivers Of Speed Trap Is Free Speech — But …

A federal judge in St. Louis ruled last week that police couldn’t ticket a motorist for flashing his lights to warn other drivers of the presence of a speed trap, because the driver’s actions were constitutionally protected free speech. The ticketed driver was represented by the ACLU. La[...]

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Microsoft’s Surface Paying Off!: Balmer Should Get Credit

 Steve Balmer should get credit for figuring it out! After an Awful Marketing Campaign, MS is Learning How to Sell The Surface!  Windows-based tablets market share has risen from less than 1% in 2012 to 3.4% in 2013, and is expected to reach 10.2% in 2017. Microsoft Surface RT Launch Party (Photo [...]

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  WESTERN GOVERNORS UNIVERSITY GETS KOWSITALL AWARD! They certainly have been trying to earn this award for academic arrogance. After nearly two years I still can not get answers to questions from any source that supports Western Governors University about how WGU even qualifies as a university whi[...]