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Boycotting a Superbowl Ad to Support the Palestinian cause.

I Love SODASTREAM and PEACE NOW In full disclosure I am both a member of Peace Now and a user of Sodastream,  I disagree with the stand here because I believe there is no viable future for Palestine that does not include exactly this sort of interaction with the Israeli business world. However, i[...]

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Amanda Knox Re-Convicted; What Does It Mean?

An Italian court today re-convicted University of Washington student Amanda Knox. Probably what happens next is her legal team will appeal that verdict to a higher Italian court, but CNN’s legal analyst believes this conviction is likely to stand. This analyst also expects Italy to ask the U.S[...]

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How come Richard Sherman was NOT a Huskie?

Does the Udub work at recruiting smart athletes? I have listened to the UW’s athletic department extol the program for offering opportunities to “minority” kids (aka as Samoans and African Americans) who might otherwise not get to go to college.  Great!  The I read Antony̵[...]

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SUPERBOWL AD … leaked on YouTube


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Lawyer jargon

Lawyer: Is your appearance here this morning pursuant to a deposition notice which I sent to your attorney? The Devil: No, this is how I dress when I go to work. Lawyer: Sorry I meant why have you appeared here? The Devil: You summoned me![...]

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How Liberals Foster War War

Scarlett Johansson will no longer be an ambassador to Oxfam, Sky News reported Thursday. This sad news occurred because Oxfam objected to J0hansson doing commercials for SodaStream, an Israeli owned company that operates a factory on the West Bank.  Most of Sodastream’s employees are Palestin[...]

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Anniversary of Gandhi’s death

School children dressed as Mahatma Gandhi assemble to mark his death anniversary in the southern Indian city of Chennai.[...]