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Seattle African American-African Diaspora Gathering w/ Ed Murray

More than ever it is vital for the Black community locally as well as nationally to establish a collective set of goals to focus our energy and resources on.  Historically,  religion, nation of origin, sexual preference, gender, age, class, political views have all been reasons for division. What [...]

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China: apologizing for having a family

Director sorry for one-child breach                                                                 Film director Zhang Yimou admits he has three children, breaching China’s one-child rule, after speculation he had fathered seven[...]

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Kosher Vitamins

Doesn’t everyone want to be healthier? Kosher Vitamins- Keep your mind & body the healthiest it can be! For your health; Freeda Vitamins DO NOT CONTAIN ANY Gluten, Wheat, Yeast,  Sugar,  Starch, Artificial Colors, or Flavors ORDER HERE People with the following conditions MAY use our vi[...]

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Are MOOCs a failure?

Academics to Udacity Founder: Told Ya In a magazine profile, Sebastian Thrun says MOOCs are a “lousy product” to use for educating under prepared college students. My own suspicion is that MOOCs, like textbooks or any other toll, work best with students who are able to study on their own. The da[...]