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CHINA: Crushing Freedom, Corporate Style

Chinese Activists Test New Leadership and Are Crushed An anti-corruption group was heartened when China’s new president, Xi Jinping, came to power in 2012. Since then, with about 20 of its supporters detained, their ideals have collided with a harsh reality.   READMOREE AT NY Times Sinosphere: [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS” Lightning Strikes .. is it an omen for the first Argentinian Pope?

God speaks in mysterious ways.  How can it be that Pope Francis is doing so many things to change the Church and no one seem to have asked what God meant by this bolt of lightning?[...]

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Pope to visit “holy land”

Pope to visit Middle East in May, will meet Israelis, Palestinians and Orthodox. Would this be a chance for Francis to move beyond his impressive public relations effort and bureaucratic reshuffling?  What if he played a role in bringing peace?[...]

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Confederate Heroes Day. In 1973, the Texas legislature combined the previously official state holidays of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis’ birthdays into a single “Confederate Heroes Day” to honor all who had served the Southern Cause. In some years, this date may coincide with M[...]

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Crazy Right Wing Nuts

“Pudge” a Reprican extremist who blogs ta Sound Politics,  has a need to equate out an out murder with abortion.  The story he tells is horrid, but equating this to the horror of dealing with a brain damaged newborn is just a way to spread more pain! from Sound Politics: If you haven&#[...]

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Happy 9th Ulunggur Lake Winter Fishing Festival


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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: The Pope and abortion

Pope Francis Calls Abortion ‘Horrific’ In ‘State Of The World’ Address Someone needs to get Francis together with an expert in his bible.  As far as  know the Roman bible makes no reference to abortion or to anything their deity said on the subject.  Francis also needs to [...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: God assaults North Korea

Christian Group Seoul USA Air-Drops Bibles Over North Korea With Giant Balloons Lets hope they do not retaliate.  The prevailing winds are FROM Pyongyang to Seattle.! Imagine an air drop of millions of pamphlets extolling the Dear Leader!  Or maybe just helium balloons with the Apple logo based on[...]

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CHINA: Taking on the Seas

China building a second aircraft carrier Wang Min, the party chief of Liaoning province in northeast China where the vessel is reportedly being built, said the carrier’s construction would take six years and added that China’s navy eventually planned to build four such carriers. http://www.arabn[...]