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  Here is an analogy: Lingerie is to outer clothing as:   the subconscious is to the conscious[...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Carter Announces Near Wipe Out of a Disease

Guinea Worm Disease[...]

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Radical Right, Radical Jews, Radical Christians Promote War War with Iran

Washington – Senate Majority Support Iran Sanctions Bill Opposed By Obama Washington –  More than half of U.S. senators support a bill to impose new sanctions on Iran should the Islamic Republic break an agreement to curb… Read More » I wish Obama had the Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald [...]

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An American Icon Sold to Japan

Japan’s Suntory buys Jim Beam   Illinois-based Beam Inc, which also makes Teacher’s and Laphroaig Scotch whiskies, has been sold in a $16bn deal[...]

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Winter Comes


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THE Ave Challenge: Who is this?

A. Mississippi State Senator “Bobby” Cartright B. Sioux chief, Chief Samuel Running Fox C. Actor in Disney’s upcoming movie, “Adventures of Johnny Apple Seed” D. German Indian role player E. Descendent of Crazy Horse    [...]

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Iran Afraid Of Schwartz

  from Vos is Neias  Confirming the suspicions of many, the United States has been secretly run by a shadow government of German Nazi space aliens since 1945, Fars News Agency, Iran’s semi-official news agency, reported on Sunday. In a dramatic scoop, Fars— in all seriousness— reported t[...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Self Deportation Works

President Romney’s self deportation policy is bearing fruit.  The new National Emigration Service reports that 1,000,000 people have now registered for emigrant status.  The red “ES” card provides free bus fare to the Mexican border as well as coupons redeemable at Chick-Fil-A, M[...]

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Judges still haven’t decided challenge to Obama’s tenure

 Eligibility case still alive (Tea Party) – A legal challenge to Barack Hussein Obama’s presidential eligibility still lurks in the Alabama Supreme Court. Filed on appeal almost a year ago, at least two judges have expressed an interest in Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. Attor[...]