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Alabama Requires Chastity For New Female President of University

  No Love Life for University Prez Daily Beast: Talk about invasive! Gwendolyn Boyd is the new president of Alabama State University, and she is single. In her new contract with the university, Boyd is forbidden from having a lover stay overnight in her university house (in which she is require[...]

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Lawyers playing the thug

  Based on a account in the  Rockwall Herald-Banner: Given the public’s (false) impression that lawyers are both well educated and regulated by some strict code of behavior  you’d think it would be difficult for a lawyer to cross the line during an actual proceeding. The account says [...]

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BREAKING NEWS: Did Chris Christie Order The Death of Tony Soprano?

(TANews, Newark NJ)  TAN’s investigative journalism team has been looking into possible connections between the bridgegate scandal and New Jersey Mafia activities.  The investigations showed that no garbage trucks were on the bridge during the imposed traffic jam.  The investigation inquir[...]

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  THE Ave Awards MIT ‘s Professor Richard Lindzen the Knowsitall Award for Academic Arrogance Drudge gleefully reports  that Professor Richard Lindzen  is urging caution in response to a proposal to spend $40,000,000 Massachusetts dollars ameliorating climate change. In their view, Ri[...]

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UPDATE: Mullaly Out, MS goes to reserves

Now that Alan Mulalley has decided not to leave Ford, the  search for a new  Microsoft CEO is likely to drag on for at least another month. Despite what made sense for all here in Seattle , Alan Mulally, has decided not to leave Ford.   The reasons are not clear, however the most important acc[...]

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