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Legal Jargon vs. Free Speech

From Huff Post[...]

January 13th, 2014 - 12:25 pm § in The Ave Scene

Why is the UW closing clinics at Harborview?

CROSSCUT: Harborview clinic closures: Can officials be serious? By                        Abe Bergman, M.D.                  There is still no clear word on whether the shocking plans for shutting down and moving Harborview’s primary care clinics — women[...]

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Famous British University Will Boycott Israel

The  Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry announced that it would “cancel summer student exchange programmes it has in place with several Israeli magical institutes, and withdraw from a Quidditch tournament arranged by the Israeli Tourism Ministry due to be held at Eilat by the Red Sea next[...]

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Amazon       The smallest and lightest camera in the Sony NEX product line, the Sony NEX-3N produces fantastic high-resolution photos, full HD movies and charming self-portraits, all with excellent edge-to-edge sharpness                                      [...]

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CHINA: Imperialism

Is  Beijing  set to invade an island in the South China Sea “illegally occupied” by US ally the Philippines? Image: People’s Liberation Army Marines (Wikimedia Commons). The article originally appeared at under the headline, ‘Sudden major move of Chinese troops this year to r[...]

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CHINA: Extending the Dragon’s Rule Over The Seas

BEIJING (Reuters) – China defended on Friday its new fishing restrictions in disputed waters in the South China Sea against criticism from the United States, saying the rules were in accordance with international law.[...]

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The Sad State of Seattle Unions

While my liberal friends remain fixed on the  idea that Jim McDermott represents the future because he has union support, recent events suggest that sunny Jim’s time has run out because Seattle is no longer a union town. Jim’s well meaning supporters may not have noticed but redistrict[...]

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The AVE Challenge:

Who said: “Neo-cons stink of necrosis and flee from the thought of peace like a Victorian spinster from a penis.”   A. Harry Reid     B. Newt Gingrich’s wife  C. Dan Savage  D. Taki Theodoracopulos      E. Markos Moulitsas        [...]

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Homeless in Seattle

Are Seattle’s Homeless Camps Shelters or a Tax Dodge? Over at the Quixotic Blog, Dave Preston has been following the homeless camps. Some of what he writes is very disturbing. 1. In an effort to force closing of a camp, the government sent in crew to cut down trees and shrubs .. leaving a an [[...]