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CHINA: Outrage at Abe’s honoring WWII war criminals

Self-deceiving Abe bent on taking militaristic, dead-end road | Discuss 01-06 19:53 Shinzo Abe’s hypocritical, self-deceiving remarks Monday should alert the region again to the right-wing kidnapped country’s endeavor to roll back history and relive a militaristic dream. Abe faces diplom[...]

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Why is The Tea Party Called a Tea Party?

This famous painting by neoimpressionist Claudia Adams, highlights the real origin of the Tea arty Movement. For the answer .you need to go back in time before women got the vote.. back to sunny afternoons in the south and the north where well to do women met for tea. “For years, it has been the [...]

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Sunday Revelations: Atheist Obsessions

Why do atheists get obessed with religion? . Yes .. CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM have committed mass slaughter in the name of their gods and others have slaughtered millions because their victims had their own gods ,,, Hitler, Pol Pot … But the hatred western atheists show for all religions  begs [...]

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THE Ave predicts: Seahawks vs. Saints

  SEATTLE NEW   ORLEANS MUSIC ** ***** BLACK   FOLKS * ***** LIBERALS **** ***** WEATHER rain muggy BEER ***** * FOOD ** ***** SCENERY ***** ** Seems like an even match!  Photo via Flickr/Philip Robertson[...]

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Free Speech in Russia?

Russia Names Small Town Outside Sochi as Olympic Protest Zone A town 12 kilometers from Russia’s Olympic venues in Sochi will host a so-called “protest zone” during the Winter Games, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said Friday.[...]

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Gourmet food smuggled into Sweden

Sweden seeks 2 Britons for smuggling garlic STOCKHOLM (AP) — Swedish prosecutors issued international arrest warrants for two Britons suspected of masterminding a smuggling ring involving Chinese garlic….[...]

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Newest News From the Young Un in North Korea

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos[...]