North Korea: Young Un’s Aunt Missing

Kim Jung Un

The Fearlleader’s Aunt May Be Dead.  Suicide?

Less than a month after Kim Jong Un demonized and executed his uncle Jang Song Thaek, the Young Un’s aunt,  Kim Kyong Hui, has disappeared. Aunt Kim Kyong Hui is or was a four star general in the North Korean Army and the she is the only daughter of North Korea’s founder, Kim Il Sung, the current fearleader’s grandfather. One of the charges levelled against General/Uncle Jang Song Thaek was that he was having affairs with women other than the General/Auntie.

Kim Kyong Hui hasn’t been seen publicly since a Sept. 10 musical performance whres she was seen with the Young Un and his wife,  Auntie (and General) Hui also appeared on a list of top officials named to a funeral committee for a fellow senior Workers’ Party official.  Since then, General/Auntie Hui has been missing and did not attend a ceremony commemorating the Kim Jung Un Aunt iconsecond anniversary of the death of her late brother, the Dear Leader North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.  While there is a report that she was seen in  Russia last month being treated for a heart problem, there is also speculation that she may have committed suicide, possibly at the request of her nephew the new fearleader.  The South Korean news outlet Daily NK  that Kim was “in serious condition following a seizure,” allegedly brought on by her husband’s execution and her daughter with Uncle Jang  She and Jang committed suicide in 2006 while studying in Paris.

Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University and an authority on North Korean affairs, said “If she is dead, then this is a serious problem for Kim Jong-un. As the sole daughter of the founder of the nation, she had both authority and legitimacy and she used that to protect Kim Jong-un’s government. She was the sun and he was the moon.”

This, of course, fits well with THE Ave’s speculation that Kim Jing Un is suffering from a paranoid neurosis driven be oedipal conflicts.  If the Young Un is having paranoid fantasies while holding the trigger to atomic bombs, we all need ot be frightened.



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