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From the Tampa Bay Times:  How a Congressman demonized his family Bill Young divorced his wife of 36 years  and married his former secretary eight days later. One Christmas, the Congressman sneaked into his old house to leave presents.  A son, Terry, asked his father to come inside. The kids were[...]

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THE Ave challenge: What is it?

  a. re entry of Russian spy satellite. b. night vision of a duck in my back yard c.  night vision of Lake Union monster d. new realist painting by Xua Shiau e. aurora borealis    [...]

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A Former Dean Comments on the “Freedom and Responsibility Proposal” at UW

David Dale Professor of Medicine Former Dean, School of Medicine After your call last week, I reviewed the pending code changes. I apologize that I did not get back to you, just very busy at this time.  My feeling is that the language changes are ok, though there is still vagueness to the wording a[...]

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Al-Qaeda-linked force captures Fallujah amid rise in violence in Iraq

Joe Biden, 2008, proposed that we break Iraq up into three states.[...]

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The GMO Hysteria

The NY Times has an excellent piece about the passing of a GMO ban in Hawaii The sad truth about the debate over GMO is that the opponents, largely from the left,  are so illiterate about science that they have as their partners the radical right . .  One amazing example showed up last week [&hell[...]

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