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John Kerry says Iran could ‘very easily’ participate in UN peace talks on Syria

Washington, Jan. 6 – Secretary of State John Kerry has said Iran could ‘very easily’ participate in this month’s United Nations peace talks on Syria. Kerry said Iran could play a role if leaders accept that the goal of the meetings is to establish a transitional government on[...]

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Mission Failure: al Qaeda take Fallujah

Sunni insurgents seem largely in control of Fallujah and Iraq’s Anbar province, where an estimated 1,500 of the nearly 4,500 American troops killed in Iraq perished. Fallujah, the province’s second largest city, is the latest prize in the long-simmering war between the Shi‘ite and Sunni strain[...]

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The Incoming Chair of the Faculty Senate Comments on Academic Freedom Proposal

This is one of several posts on TA about a proposal to change the faculty contract with the UW.  That contract is passed as legislation by the Faculty Senate but has similar meaning as any contract between a union and its employer. The key issue here is that rights of free speech have been challeng[...]

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UW Faculty Senate and New Speak

A central Issue in the discussion of the legislation called “” is the issue of Newspeak.  Words like A Statement of Principle: Academic Freedom and Responsibility,” are lal tooo much like the words used by Orwell. I received an email Friday afternoon  (below at the Ψ) that illus[...]

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Will Target Fall on its sword?

Is There a “Mr.” (or Ms.) Target? Target’s  reputation  dropped by 35 points to -9  after Target announced that hackers may have gotten access to 40 million customers’ credit and debit card information.   Traget’s effort ot fix this has been pallid. They apologized an[...]

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BARGAINS: AT&T versus T-Mobile

AT&T will offer T-Mobile customers up to $450 per line to switch their service to its network, the company announced Friday. It will give customers $200 credit for every line they transfer from T-Mobile. That credit will be available only to those customers who switch and choose an AT&T Next[...]

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PRESIDENT ROMNEY: Appears on Faux To Defend FUHCA

“Faux News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked Romney what bothered him the most about the Tea Party objections to the Federal Uniform Health Care Act, the grealtry modified version of the Affordable Health Care Act put forward by his predecessor Barak Obama.“It’s not right for[...]

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More on the “Academic Freedom and Responisibility” Legislation at UW

from the AAUP Listserv Ana M. CAUCE via 2:20 AM (6 hours ago) to Faculty Dear all, Communication in a large, decentralized setting full of busy people is one of the most difficult and persistent issues that arises — whether it’s faculty or administrative leader[...]

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SUNDAY REVELATIONS: Why Science is Biblical

“We’re in for a thrill,”           Based on a UCSF news release  If religions are based on stories of miracles, this account of a symposium recognizing the winners of the 2014 Breakthrough Prizes is biblical. Chancellor of UCSF, Susan Desmond-Hellman, MD, MPH, started the meeting o[...]