New Idea for a New Year …. Husky U!

Lets Build Husky U in 2014 .. We Already Have The Stadium!

In 2012 we ran a post about better ways to fund the UW.  Joy the world … the UW’s new 1/4 billion dollar football stadium (added to the 1 billion Seattle spent for Seahawks Stadium) may show us the way!

Husky fans claim that this public money is well spent because it creates construction jobs. I do not see how this can be true. I have trouble seeing how that money will make Washington State a more competitive element in the global economy, light rail or private boxes on Montlake?

HUSKYBut wait … as in the TV ads .. there is MORE.   If the Udub can run Husky Inc,, then why shouldn’t we run other profit making endeavors under the Husky Brand?  As a Med School type, I have wondered why we call our health business “UW Medicine?”  Wouldn’t Husky Health do better?  Or, even better, given the success of such “non profits” as Western Governors University, why not split off an online diploma mill and all it “Husky University?:”

The athletic department may already have pioneered the idea of a “Husky University.” A post on The Ave (below) shows that Husky U already ranks in the top 25 of academic athletic programs .. way above Harvard!Husky vs Cougar

The UW Athletic Program ranked # 11 in academic success of our athletes ….

Pretty good!  … Harvard only ranked 114! Stanford, UNC, Georgetown,Notre Dame, Penn State, UCLA, Michigan,  Oregon, and Princeton* beat us.  We easily beat the Air Force Academy and USC at 73 and 23!

Washington State, the Cougars, did really bad …. 124!

Harvard only ranked 114!

                                *Princeton now also beats the UW in having a lower tuition!

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